About Electra

ELECTRA SAS is a French lighting maker based in Riom France, and specialized on commercial lighting fixture.

Our luminaires are used for industrial, tertiary or architectural 
& commercial applications. 


For over 10 years we successfully become a well-known brand 
supplying compliant, accurate and reliable product.

All product are developed and calibrate by our own in France and R&D center.We provide lighting solutions for our clients, Our engagement for our customer’s satisfaction has always been our priority and our strength. 


ELECTRA SAS is an active member of GIL, one of the major 
French lighting union (Groupement Interprofessionnel du Luminaire).




Our accomplishments

Industrial site - Clermont-Fd

Product: KOURSK

Lighting rehabilitation

Store - Clermont-Fd

Products: OVNI - UFO

Lighting rehabilitation

Office - Clermont-Fd

Product: EVA

Lighting rehabilitation